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Growing Guide

Strawberries are relatively easy to grow if you buy the correct plants, plant them at the correct time and ensure good establishment after planting.

Strawberry Plants with Fruit ripening

Understanding Strawberry Cropping.

There are 2 very different types of strawberry.

1. June bearing strawberries

2. Everbearing / Day neutral strawberries

June bearing strawberries do exactly what they say. Produce strawberries in June and only for a period of 3 to 4 weeks. However it is now possible to have June bearing strawberries from April to October.

How is this achieved ?

To force June bearing strawberries to produce in April or May you simply put the plant in a conservatory, greenhouse, plastic tunnel or cloche. Do not allow the temperature to go above 20 degrees.

To produce June bearing strawberries in June just leave them alone, providing just a little protection from rain, birds, slugs etc To produce June bearing strawberries in July, August, September or October we have devised a very simple plan. We put the potted plant in coldstore in mid winter. You order it and plant it 60 days before you need strawberries (could be 50 days in midsummer and 80 days in autumn and depends on how much heat and light you give them).

Strawberry Plants in Flower

Why go to all this bother, why not plant an everbearing strawberry ?

June bearers taste so much better.

Everbearing / Day neutral strawberries

Everbearing / Day neutral strawberries also do what they say. They produce strawberries in flushes from June to first frost. We have trialed more than 20 on our farm and we have not found one yet that we would be happy to sell you. However major advances are taking place with new varieties coming on stream all the time and as soon as we find one that is reliable, does not require pesticides and tastes good we will put it on this website immediately.