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Helpful Hints

Strawberry Plants growing in Ireland
  • You can grow strawberries in the soil or in substrate (peat).
  • A bare root plant will work well if planted in January, February or March. However from late March / early April a potted plant will give more reliable establishment and larger fruit.
  • Potted plants can be planted anytime from January to July.
  • Strawberry plants need care and attention to produce good results. This is particularly true of plants which are grown in containers or hanging baskets.
  • You must keep the compost moist and feed regularly with tomato food when the plant is growing actively. You will be surprised how much water they use when the fruit is swelling.
  • Check if your compost has water saving gel. If not add some (sparingly) when planting. Adding slow release Osmocote will help to feed the plants too.
  • Never over water. Compost should be moist but not saturated.
  • You will need about 8 strawberry plants per 15 litres of peat in a normal window box type container.
  • Strawberries grown in the soil are easier to manage for water and feed. Ensure that the area is cleared of perennial weeds. Add a little base fertilizer before planting, Incorporate well rotted manure at about 7kg per sq meter and plant your plants 13 inches apart in the rows and keep the rows about 30 inches apart.
  • Plants should always be planted with the crown level with the soil. No roots exposed.
  • If the site is wet grow your plants on raised beds. Strawberry plants do not like wet feet !
  • When strawberry plants are in flower allow access for insects to pollinate your crop. The bumble bee is your friend. You will have well shaped, juicy berries.
  • Ripe Sonata Strawberry grown in Ireland
  • When flowering is finished and fruit is beginning to swell lay down some straw beneath trusses to keep the fruit free of mud splashes.
  • Consider protecting from birds, rain and slugs.
  • Plants grown in containers can be discarded when fruiting is finished.
  • Plants grown in the soil can produce for 2 or 3 seasons if the soil is suitable they are not attacked by pests such as vine weevil.
  • Remember that June bearing strawberry plants make their flowers in the crown in September of the previous year so its important to keep feeding them until dormant.
  • Trim off the outside leaves allowing lots of light in at the crown in September and October then give the plant a good “haircut” in January leaving only 2 or 3 old leaves.
  • Begin feeding and watering again when growth commences.
  • Do not allow the plant to completely dry out during winter.
  • Don’t be tempted to plant the “runners” that grow from your plants as they will inevitably have picked up some disease from the mother plant.
  • As we have said before it takes the same amount of time to grow a bad plant as a good one.